Web Service Development

Application Programming Interface (API) has been gaining prominence in recent years due to the increased demand for inter-connectivity between disparate systems and cloud computing. The rising need for a piece of software especially from third-party to interact with the functionality stored in the software backend over HTTP/HTTPS protocol is also the driving force for adoption of API as a service

Entity Software helps businesses with the software platform that allows users to interact with third-party as well as manage their own custom APIs.

Entity Software API service provides two elements: the ability to build, test and deploy ones API services and the ability to connect an application with third-party API such as payment processing services.

In using Entity Software web services, your business is;

  • Able to generate API documents
  • Create REST APIs - a stateless protocol and standard for fast performance, reliability and growth
  • Able to create reusable component that can easily be interchanged, modified and updated
  • Able to manage APIs seamlessly

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